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Is to provide you with exceptional education and insights from masters and professionals in the art of wigs with an ever-growing roster of talents. OUR GOAL is to elevate the industry and its perspective on wigs around the world by making this education equally accessible for everyone. This platform will inspire you to create beyond boundaries and encourage you to dig deeper into the craft of wigs.


The craft of hairdressing is full of passionate People like yourself and whilst there is a wide variety of education out there when it comes to wigs and especially the creative styling of wigs, there is a real lack of good information.

We see a lot of people with a lot of knowledge that talk about wanting to change or lift our profession but when it comes down to it they keep their thoughts and tricks to themselves, locked in their heads like gold
in a Swiss bank safe.  I see a lot of people also claim "I want to inspire" but instead of being proud when people do well using their taught techniques they instead get upset.

I aim to change this mindset with this masterclass. 


All our life's are pervaded by education and education is something people can't take away from us. Education has always been an important part of my life. The biggest and earliest influence comes from my mother. She is the founder of a very successful life coach academy. How education can help people live to
their full potential has inspired my projects. 

I had the privilege of starting my career in a salon and hair academy that was considered the best in Switzerland at the time. Through my commitment to my work, I achieved a special honour as an assistant trainer in the 2nd year. So from the beginning, I was focused on passing on my knowledge and I have kept that ethos to this day. 

I quickly realized that for the career I envisioned, I had to think beyond the borders of Switzerland. I travelled the world to learn from my role models and peers.  For this dream, I had to work without a lot and was also dependent on loans to finance my education and travel. 

By booking these courses, you will open the door to all this knowledge that I have collected over the years and also from the best in our industry in future classes. In a very simple way, don't miss out on
learning from them.

My greatest wish for you is that this course will bring you to the point where you can one day be a great mentor to others and maybe come back here to teach your own course. 

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